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Bridal Hair & Makeup for BNP Party Leader Tariq Rahman's advisor Mr A Rahman's (Sunny's wife).

I was booked to do bridal hair and makeup for Bangladesh BNP party leaders Tariq Rahman's personal advisors Abdur Rahman's wife for his wedding day here in London. Little to my knowledge did I know who I was readying until on the day of the wedding. I had only come to know whilst readying the Mrs and was told that there were 26 nations flying in for her wedding, to which I had to ask who she was. It all made sense as I had no idea where I was heading to have her ready that morning as I'm assuming for security they had to let me know at the last second where the location was. I was alerted that this would be all over Bangladeshi news and to my surprised it

It was an honour for such an occasion and was requested to go by a specific look in which the bride wholly chose, very much a traditional Bangladeshi look keeping the eye colours with hues of pinks to go with the cheeks and lips. She wanted to keep the hair down and we included hair extensions for that added volume.

Bangladesh BNP Abdur Rahman Sunny Wedding was held at the Royal Regency in London on March 21st 2023. Video copyright from 2A News channel.


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