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Everything you need to know about Weddings in the UK

I spoke with Nesh from Kalyanam, a company which was started up from his past experience looking for various vendors. He found that when planning his wedding it was a nightmare when it comes to industry regulations as simply put it there isn't really one to ensure that vendors didn't run off with your money. He decided to come up with a concept where couples looking to plan their wedding would pick and choose vetted vendors and book them via the platform he is developing. That way there would be a middle man to ensure the couple's money is safe but also that vendors were safe knowing they would be paid and if there was a dispute then they had someone to take it up with. This is the birth of Kalyanam, an online shopping site to easily book your vendors from venues, djs, photography and videography to makeup artist like myself. Vetting is very important to ensure that vendors aren't rogue traders.

I personally believe that in the makeup industry there are too many instagram/ tiktok makeup artists who are here today and gone tomorrow with people on the rise in booking muas via these platforms. They seem to believe all the filters to alter the face and makeup which has in today's society ruined the hard working makeup artist who would not need to use such filters as the makeup would already be great on camera. Further, booking on such platforms means you have not a clue where they live, or where their company is based, or worse still if they have any credentials at all!

Head over to read an article written by Kalyanam about our brand


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