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Planning on the Big Wedding Day

The day has finally arrived and it's your big day!! I hope this blog will help you to ensure you are prepared and ready for the day.

Making sure you have a smooth day planned out exactly how you want needs some organisation. You need to make a to do list of things, however if you read on you'll know what you need to do to make sure you leave your home on time...

Make sure the night before to get some serious rest, you are going to need the energy. Whatever you do completely avoid lucozade or any fizzy drinks! I still remember I couldn't eat the whole day on my own wedding because of the nerves and I thought to get some sugar in me I'd have some 7up before I went to the hall. What a big mistake!! The nerves made my tummy gas up and it hurt throughout the evening. So stick to drinking water or juices instead.

Make sure you wash your hair the night before so its fresh and ready in the morning but avoid using conditioner as we need to make sure your hair has some tack in; styling becomes easier.

If you have greasy hair and it builds up straight away then wash it in the morning.

Have your outfit hung up night before, have your shoes, bouquet, bag and jewellery laid out ready.

Brides tend to already have an overnight bag packed for when they have the Rukhsati (depart) to the new home. Make sure this is all done days/weeks in advance.

Before your makeup artists comes to you, do make sure you are ready for her, which means have your full breakfast, brush your teeth, have your top on before she arrives will help speed up the process. Go to the bathroom and if you are wearing contact lenses where it before she arrives so that your makeup doesn't get ruined if you try to put it on after. Other small things that will make a difference is to take the jewellery labels off and to check your jewellery to make sure you have the backings of the earrings and to ensure that all is fine and nothing is broken. Far too many times I've seen jewellery fall apart because it wasn't checked beforehand or no backings for earrings. When opting for a Naatha please ensure that the artificial one clips onto the nose rather than buy one that just sits on the nose because these can be quite painful and they always will fall off! Imagine your photographer taking pics of you on stage and your Naatha falls off on camera and where all eyes on you it's a mistake you'll regret!

All these above are things that may seem small but those two/five minutes adding up will eat into the MUAs time as well as delay you getting ready further.

This is your time for you to be getting ready in peace, not for you to be finding your sisters clothes or your dads tie! All attention should be about you, so to save the stress have your own room to yourself for this day. Asian weddings tend to be hectic, so getting ready with some time to spare will allow you to take some deep breaths and meditate beforehand, you will also be composed. Make sure someone else deals with your stress, if you have organised your own wedding, then pass your phone over to a close friend/bridesmaid and let her deal with any issues. You cannot be picking up your phone because your bouquet company have not arrive on time to bring your flowers, it's stressful enough, so delegate work to be done to your friend/sister/ bridesmaids and let them deal with it.

I hope all your planning has prepared you and I wish you a wonderful day full of joy, happiness and love x

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