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Bridal Makeup Artist in London

Farah Syed has a vast of knowledge and experience when it comes to being one of the best bridal makeup artist in London. With a wealth of knowledge gained from working in many beauty counters, combined with learning the art of makeup via college and with 18 years of working with so many skin types whether it be young, mature, dry, oily, black, white you name it she has worked on so many faces that she's not afraid to pull out her brushes. This has allowed Farah to be very confident in makeup and she enjoys applying makeup so much that she finds it quite therapeutic!

Becoming a bridal makeup artist in London was one of the best careers Farah Syed chose, since she loves to work with all types of people and makes her clients feel very comfortable to speak with. With 10 years of customer service prior to becoming a bridal makeup artist she feels that customer service is just as important as delivering the look on the day. Let's face it, the last person you will see before your walk down that aisle is your makeup artist! Farah makes her brides feel at super ease, relaxed and happy to ensure her brides have an amazing day ahead. She's very professional with time keeping, and will always come before the time to ensure she is set up ready for her brides.

Bridal Makeup Artists London
Bridal Makeup Artists London

Should you wish to see some of Farah Syed's work head over to Famous Magazine Makeup Artist | London | Farah Syed Bridal Makeup Academy to see where she can be found in the media and press. Or visit her on, her contact number is easily reachable on +447547703476.


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