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Finalist for two categories in the Britain's Asian Wedding Awards 2023

Farah Syed has once again made it as a finalist for Britain's Asian Wedding Awards 2023 but this time not for one category but for two categories! The two award categories are Makeup Artist of the Year and Creative Makeup Artist of the Year.

Farah Syed wants to thank all those who have nominated her to these awards, but also to the brides, students and of course the international brides as without your support she would not be where she is today.

This year has seen a ten fold increase in bookings, but also the academy has been going from strength to strength with students rushing to sign up courses realising that there long dream of becoming a makeup artist and a fantastic career that they can get into. What makes Farah Syed Makeup Training Academy different to others we hear you? At this academy you will find that your course are accredited by Guilds of Beauty Therapist, where you are able to get insurance, and there's no cutting corners in hygiene- she raises the bar and teaches the correct way of making sure that high standards in the beauty industry is adhered to at all time. Her course is set in a well equipped studio open to the public with plenty of parking. Her student's leave with 100% positive feedbacks, they are offered work experience after the course. Her academy is the only such academy in London where you can get the best training, by a qualified teacher, qualified hair and makeup artist with 18 years industry experience with accredited courses set in a commercial environment.

This year Farah Syed has been able to go overseas to a few bridal bookings from UAE - Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Morocco. She is also booked to go to Cyprus and Dubai later on the year. Farah is now offering all brides for destination wedding a chance to be glammed up, whether it's a destination wedding by the beach in Dubai, or South of France in Cannes or how about the serene Como Lake! She has it fully covered.

Let's hope we can give you in our next post on whether she has won the awards. Stay tuned!


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