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Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Career?

There are so many academies out there teaching Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup and with such a boom in the industry over the last 5 years it almost gets confusing as to which academy to choose from.

Asian bridal make-up is a form of art and if taught properly can really benefit you financially. Why do so many girls go into the business???

Many ladies are increasingly going into the makeup business as a way to earn money because of the flexibility it can have around working with young families. We found that new mothers that are full time mums or on maternity leave realise that its not easy to work 9-5 and dread going back to work leaving their little ones with childminders or family to look after. More so even the mothers who have grown up kids are also on the increase in signing up for the course as they finally have time for themselves to do something that they enjoy. Then you have the ladies who do work 9-5 throughout the week and want to do this as a weekend job, to work in a field they enjoy and earn an income. We have seen various professionals from accountants, solicitors, beauty consultants, office workers and estate agents amongst many who have a hidden passion for makeup. And finally you have the young makeup enthusiasts who live behind youtube watching the endless makeup tutorials and wanting to build their confidence to be qualified and make it into their career.

The benefits of working as a freelance makeup artist is working less and earning more, which appeals to mums, and why not! In this day and age both men and women are working to make ends meet, and with a young family it can be quite difficult working long days.

At Farah Syed Makeup Training Academy, we understand that you need to be qualified as a makeup artist /hairstylist quickly and with the full knowledge and as quick as possible, so with a short course we have put together a program for you to complete your training in 5 Days.

Within the course itself you will be learning from a registry look to mendhi, to traditional for Indian and Pakistani look, Arabic look with double wing liner and glitter. There's so much to learn and courses are suitable for all levels, so rest assure if you are a beginner you will still be able to learn the looks. Students will be learning 3 days of asian bridal makeup,1 day of bridal hair and a final photoshoot day. The course is intense, don't get me wrong, however with so much information to give, tips and tricks and your very own course manual to get you through as well as something to refer back to, we've taken the weight off your shoulders!

One of our student's image for her Portfolio shoot

We are number one in the UK for training Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup, with our fully kitted spacious makeup studio for students to practice and International class photographer capturing your mesmerising portfolio images for you to showcase to your potential clients in the future. All branded makeup can be freely used at the academy for you to practice with as though you are in the industry.

Our spacious makeup studio, where all the magic is taught

Furthermore, what makes this academy stand out from the rest is the aftercare work experience she provides. After the course you will not be left on your own, you will be able to come along for work experience, work your magic backstage on fashion shows, come along to magazine photoshoots or even see a real bride get ready. For those that are excelling will be given the opportunity to join our agency and generate an income.

Watch the video below, where Farah Syed and her team of artist created fantastic catwalk ramp looks at the Mayfair Venue. Farah herself did a mini makeup tutorial on the youtuber sensation Rumena Begum.

Farah Syed has over a eighteen years of experience in the makeup industry, she is fully qualified to teach, fully qualified in the subject field area and a fully qualified beauty therapists so understands skin like no other, with so much knowledge you are sure to be learning from the best! This is one thing that people get caught up in, when looking for a reputable academy to be taught from make sure 1) they are qualified! 2) are they qualified to teach 3) do they have the creative flair that matches your style. Self taught makeup artist are great however understanding the skin is just important as makeup application. With so much passion in makeup, Farah does not hold back all that she knows and will share all there is.

To book your place in our next accredited course please visit

Or give us a call on 0754 770 3476.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

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