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Best Jet Black Eyeliner

Always wanted to know which black eyeliner is the best when it comes to staying power and heavily pigmented? Read on....

I have many liners of the years and there are a few that are great on the market. Unfortunately the time when “Gosh” used to make nail art liners are truly gone. But don't fret there are a few from my own experience which work just as amazing.

When it comes to a khol pencil liner nothing beats the Urban Decay 24/7 black liner in Perversion. This is some serious black liner and with it being soo creamy it's perfect for the waterline. The downside of this product - expect it to finish quickly because of the creamy texture.

My favourite liquid liner has to be the MAC LiquidLast. It has a thin brush to really make the wing flick out. I have never had any smudging with this liner and the colour is amazing. The downside is if you have applied too much you'll have to wait a little longer for it to dry , and if you haven't got the patience then expect another liner on your crease line! You cannot use this on your clients easily as the brush inside cannot be cleaned for each client. And you can't really scoop out the product on your palette. This product is great for personal use. 

My favourite gel liner has to be the Inglot number 77. This is the king of liners. It's a gel form which means you can move it easily when creating your flick and it dries up nicely. The colour payoff is amazing. It comes in a pot so easy for you to take out with spatula. You can also use this on your water line to give you an intense look.

So my overall thoughts. I would use the khol pencil for a softer look and for smudging under the eyes but for a sharp look I would definitely be using the Inglot.  

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