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Summer 2018 Front Cover for Asiana International Magazine

This summer, Farah Syed's work graces the front cover for the International Magazine Asiana. She has a special feature with 6 pages covering the Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup course she teaches at her academy to give makeup enthusiasts a glimpse of what they will be taught. Her makeup style impresses brides to be across the globe as she creates individual looks to suit all her clients from all ethnicity and skin tones. Her passion for the last 15 years has allowed her to reach her dream and make it to International level. With such a high platform media, Asiana Magazine International is one for the brides who want upcoming fashion, makeup styles and looks for a perfect wedding. Farah Syed's style of makeup is created individually to suit and compliment each face shape including eye shape and works with colour scheming to create a bespoke bridal look that's beautifies the bride to make her look like a princess on her big day. Farah Syed’s vast knowledge of makeup artistry makes her a renown Asian bridal makeup artist in the industry.

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