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5 Days Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup course

What a blast to our first classes at our new training centre! We have been very busy and inundated with course enquiries. We are proud to educate students the art of makeup and hairstyling in the most easy way using clever tips and tricks to create fantastic bridal looks. What’s more, most of our student intake so far are either from a beauty background and have had experience with other makeup academies yet were not able to offer what we offer here. It overwhelms me to hear such positivity to what we have to offer. Our work experience has been going alongside our training so students are seeing a real insight of how real brides are getting ready and there’s simply nothing to hide- what you see is what the students are being taught.

We have covered in our classes registry makeup or civil ceremony makeup, mendhi bridal makeup, Indian bridal makeup, Pakistani bridal makeup, Arabic bridal makeup and reception/walima bridal makeup. Our bridal hairstyling we covered were a range of bridal updos and bridal down dos using hair pieces, hair sponges and hair extensions for a traditional Indian, English and Pakistani bridal hairstyle.

With the wedding season well underway, why not join our sessions in the heart of east London to get your bridal training and work experience needed to kickstart your career as a Asian bridal make up artist specialist.

Our courses come with 4 certificates when doing the popular 5 days Asian bridal hair and make up courses, all Guild of beauty therapist certified. What’s more we are proud to be the ONLY centre in London who are specialist in this area and the only centre accredited by Guilds of beauty therapists who are actively working with real bridal clients and have links in the wedding industry working with big brands aswell as featured in many of Asiana wedding magazine amongst other magazines.

We say over and over again rather than waste your hard earn money on courses elsewhere who do not provide valuable certificates as certificates received elsewhere are "trained by so and so, this means that in order for you to work on real brides or clients you would be needing insurance cover. Our courses ensure you are able to be insured after whilst many if not all other courses who teach asian bridal makeup in London are not recognised which is a complete no no. Further their certificates do not allow you to obtain makeup brands discount after the course. Rather than choose courses which are fun/ leisure ones and hold no value in obtaining insurance afterwards, we want to advise you to choose a centre where the teaching is in a proper commercial facility as well as take away valuable certificates to allow you to be insured.

We always say look around and compare with other academies first to see what you are learning and achieving before rushing to make any decision. We are so confident that students always come to us as the best option as we have far more to offer. We are by far the best academy in London.

Book an appointment for a site visit available on Wednesday/Thursday and Friday each week at Hainault Business Park, 2-6 Fowler Road, Hainault, Ilford, IG6 3UT.

We look forward for you to join our makeup team, where we do not just create dreams we live them!

We look forward in being able to make your dream come true - a bridal makeup artist!

Farah Syed Makeup Artist x


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