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Asian bridal hair and make up course in London

We are always doing courses but our ever so popular course is the 5 days Asian bridal hair and make up course in London since it’s the most cost effective and gives you all the knowledge you need for both hair and makeup.

Wanted to share with you what one of our students were able to create on her final day with two very different makeup looks. She did amazing in her learning.

We teach a range of looks suitable for all Asian bridal looks. We cover contemporary Indian bridal make up, Pakistani bridal make up, Arabic bridal make up and even looks such as civil ceremony and mendhi style.

If you want to know more about becoming a makeup artist and interested in learning the art of bridal makeup but also become accredited by Guilds of Beauty Therapist then contact us, as we are proud to be the only place teaching with accreditation, taught by industry expert with 17 years of experience Farah Syed herself. Contact on 0754 770 3476 and visit our course information on


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