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Bridal Hair and Makeup- Weddings During Covid-19 & 2021

2020 is almost over, with many weddings either postponed or cancelled. For those brides who manage to settle for a small intimate wedding, decided life still can go on; but what about brides who are simply confused- shall we get married now, or postpone until it gets better? We discuss the different option with what our brides to be are doing and for the reason behind their decision.

This year many brides and grooms planned for their big day, but suddenly many were told weddings had to be cancelled. The biggest day of your life and are left wondering; what about all the services booked from Wedding Venues, to catering, hair and makeup, décor and many more? Many couples have lost out on their bookings with businesses or were allowed to change their dates, for the majority rescheduled but in very small numbers.

During this year we have also faced many brides who call up unsure whether they should continue or postpone. Every person's situation is different, some can wait and some can't for circumstances of their own. Many wanted the biggest day of their lives to be all about them, for all their nearest, dearest and loved ones from friends to family to attend their special day. For those brides that are eager to have that attention, have decided to hold off the wedding till things get better; for some brides have decided that life goes on and would not mind to have an intimate wedding and move on to the next chapter in their lives. For some couples, who would prefer to have the extra cash to purchase their first home is one thing ticked off their things to do. Others use Covid an excuse not to have a large wedding as they believe people will come, show their face, eat food, then complain about the food, and how it wasn't to their liking or cold and off they go home, leaving the wedding couples immediate family left with a sour taste to spend so lavishly but for it to be thrown back. Some people are never happy!

A lot of brides who have booked for next year believe that the coronavirus will go now that the vaccine has arrived and that they can get back to some normality. This is great if the vaccine is rolled out and everyone is vaccinated. However do remember you are looking at the end of next year for everyone to get vaccinated, therefore when booking your wedding dates and wanting everyone to attend this is definitely something to consider as to when in 2021 they should hold their functions . Furthermore 2021 will be a very hectic year for those brides who have postponed their dates this year and we in the wedding industry will be twice as busy, (so we hope). Planning is key, and brides are reminded to start searching and booking in advance to ensure they have their perfect venue or the best makeup artist (we like to think it's us!).

We advise our brides who want to plan for a perfect wedding to start booking now for end of 2021 to ensure your hair and makeup with Farah Syed makeup artist is available as Farah works on a first come, first serve basis. She completely blocks out the diary for those brides on the chosen date and time, once your deposit is paid it will be secured. Further Farah Syed's policy also includes any changes to your wedding date at no extra charge providing she has the availability she will be more than happy to accommodate her brides. Farah Syed caters for all types of styles whether you are looking for Asian bridal hair and makeup, Indian bridal makeup, Pakistani bridal makeup, Far east bridal makeup and for civil ceremony hair and makeup, be it in UK, Dubai, Europe or worldwide, your wedding hair and makeup needs for all races and ethnicity can be carried out by the best makeup maestro herself- Farah Syed. 2021 will be the year where we restart. So start your journey with finding your perfect artist for your big day. Visit for International brides and for UK brides. We hope that 2021 will bring us some normality for all businesses.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Farah Syed x


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